Starting a HVAC DC Business? Find Out How

by | Aug 11, 2012 | Home Improvement

HVAC DC contractors are always in demand from homeowners and businesses. Unless you are a qualified technician, it is impossible to repair cooling systems. You may have worked under contract or have been employed but you harbor the desire to venture out on your own.

If that is the case, there a few things you need to put into consideration before establishing a HVAC business. You need to build a reputation by offering excellent services. Such businesses thrive by word of mouth. Here your clients spread word about what services you offer and the price you charge. Another thing that such entrepreneurs need is accounting knowledge and legal understanding of contracts and work agreements.

Below are hints on what you need to do in order to set up shop and be on course:

1. Enroll for training in HVAC. All air conditioning technicians require some form of certification. Prior to venturing on a solo business, you may have been working as an apprentice. If your experience was gained while on the job, then you need to get some qualification. You cannot work in this industry without accredited papers. Sign up for evening classes or online programs.

2. Apply for a HVAC DC license. Every state has got different requirements for this. Find out what applies in Washington DC. However, standard requirements are that an applicant should have 2 years hands on experience under a qualified and licensed contractor. It will cost anything from $200-$300 annually for your license.

3. Running HVAC repair and maintenance business requires insurance. The required categories are worker’s compensation and liability. The last one is necessary if you will employ some assistants. Contact any insurance agents in your locality to find out how to obtain insurance cover for your business affordably.

4. Make a list of all tools and equipment needed for a HVAC DC repair business. Some of the tools necessary for the job are capacitor testers, duct tapes, multimeters, carbon monoxide detectors, pressure gauges, sensor tubing, refrigerant leak detectors, gloves, head gear and others. These tools are available online or you can buy them from distributors in your area. If you do not have enough cash, you can buy them little by little.

5. You need to advertise your HVAC business. You can print some fliers and have them distributed across town. Place an ad in the classified pages of the local daily newspaper. Classified pages are cheaper as compared to the other sections. Have the same ad posted on the official Yellow Pages. Be as creative as possible. If you do not advertise extensively, potential customers will not know of your existence.

6. Offer services at subsidized prices. Start your business on the right footing by giving discounts and offers.


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