Signs it’s Time to Call a Refrigerator Repair Service in Lincoln, NE

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Appliance Repair

A home’s refrigerator is one of its hardest-working appliances. Refrigerators need to run constantly to keep food fresh, so it’s essential that homeowners keep them in good working order. Unfortunately, few homeowners pay much attention to these appliances until something goes wrong and the refrigerator fails.

Waiting until a refrigerator fails before calling for repairs is a mistake. Homeowners who go this route wind up with a lot of wasted food and may face unnecessary expensive repairs. Instead of putting off the inevitable, look for the following warning signs that it might be time to call a Refrigerator Repair Service in Lincoln NE and take action immediately.

Puddles of Water

Most exterior refrigerator leaks occur in the water line that feeds the ice maker, so don’t panic. The leak needs to be fixed, but it shouldn’t cost a fortune and won’t require buying a new fridge.

Interior Leaks

Homeowners who notice water leaking into the food storage areas of their refrigerators should suspect a blocked defrost drain or a defective drain heater. A Refrigerator Repair Service in Lincoln NE can diagnose the problem quickly and offer a cost-effective solution.

Constant Cycling

Refrigerators shouldn’t be constantly powering on and off. When they do, it’s usually a result of blocked or dirty condenser coils. A repair tech can tell if the coils are damaged or just dirty and recommend what action to take to fix the problem.

Inadequate Temperature Control

Refrigerators that aren’t keeping food sufficiently cold pose a health risk to the home’s inhabitants since food needs to be kept at a certain temperature to remain safe to eat. There are a few issues that may be to blame.

Those issues include defective thermostats, failing motors, damaged condensers, and loose gaskets, among others. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation to find out whether it makes more sense to replace the faulty component or buy a new refrigerator.

Other Issues

Other common issues with refrigerators include unusual sounds and sudden spikes in energy consumption. The solution is the same, though. Visit  now to find a service technician who can diagnose the underlying problem and propose the most cost-effective solution.

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