Services the Best Landscape Designer in NJ Should Offer Clients

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Landscaping

Even if you have landscaping skills you would benefit from hiring the best landscape designer in NJ. Why, you ask? Well, the best landscape designer in NJ will possess the skills, training and education to complete the job to the highest standard. He or she will be able to sketch out a plan that meets your needs and obtain the required permits for all kinds of landscaping jobs. Your lifestyle, budget and interests will be taken into account by someone in this industry, making the process far less stressful for you. You should choose a contractor based on their customer testimonials, prices and of course, services offered.

Retaining Walls

If the designer you converse with does not have experience building retaining walls, you really need to focus your attention elsewhere. The best landscape designer in NJ will fit retaining walls on a regular basis, because these walls are high in demand with homeowners and business owners. The purpose of a retaining wall is to restrain soil and to reduce the chances of erosion occurring. Most people opt for these walls not just because they are aesthetically pleasing but also, because they can be built onto unnatural slopes while still keeping water damage at bay.

Lawn Treatment

Almost every homeowner will have a garden and in this garden will be grass. The best landscape designer in NJ should therefore offer lawn treatment services throughout the year. With lawn treatment, dull patches of grass can be restored to look good as new whether the problem arose because of chemical damage, insect infestations or pet urine. There are many reasons why dead spots will occur on grass, with lawn diseases being the most common and when hiring a landscape designer, you can welcome back a lush green expanse of grass in your garden.

Drainage Systems

Another service that should be provided by the best landscape designer in NJ is drainage system services. Drainage problems are very common, especially with people who have recently completed a landscaping project. When landscaping projects take place, water build-up can occur and this can result in floods and damage to foundations or plants. To overcome this issue a landscape designer will take a look at the area and decide what type of drainage system would work best. Soil excavation will take place during this time and specialist equipment will be used to fit a new system where excess water can travel at all times.

These services should be provided by the best landscape designer in NJ, but a reliable landscaper will not limit their services. Snow removal, patios and hardscapes, landscape lighting, property maintenance, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces should also be provided by a landscaper.


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