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Garage doors are used in both commercial and residential structures. They make life easier since a user doesn’t even need to exit a vehicle to come and go. In a residential setting, the garage door has become the most frequently used entry of the home. For commercial businesses, the shipping and receiving docks wouldn’t be as productive without them. Keeping the garage door operating smoothly is vital no matter if it’s for a home or business. A Garage Door Company in Charleston WV should do an inspection at least once a year to keep the doors operating at all times.


Garage doors are not strictly for home use, as they are also valuable resources for businesses. Shipping and receiving docks depend on a smooth operation to get products delivered to customers on time. Fire stations use garage doors for a quick way to leave the station when on a call. Mechanics use them at their shops to help move bulky equipment in and out. While homeowners have made this door the main entryway, a garage door is of equal importance to the businesses that rely on them.


Garage doors are constantly in use. They are expected to work at all times. When the door suddenly quits working, it’s a shock as to why. A garage door should be inspected from time-to-time by a company such as Business Name that has been taking care of commercial and residential customers since 1973.

An inspection can reveal issues that need to be corrected before they cause the door to quit working. During an inspection, the tracks and wheels will be cleaned to remove any dirt and debris. The technician will also tighten any loose bolts and hinges and lubricate the moving parts. The door opener will also be inspected along with the tension springs.


When a door won’t open it may be due to a broken torsion spring, which should be handled by a Garage Door Company in Charleston WV to avoid possible injury. If the door refuses to come down when it’s open, the photo eyes may not be lined up or an object may be blocking the door’s path. If the door jumps the track, it may be a simple case of tightening up loose bolts.

Remember, a yearly inspection can keep the door operating on demand. Schedule one today. Like us on Facebook.

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