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by | Nov 27, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

The demand of modern architecture has increased with time, tenants and buyers are slowly moving out of old structures and are now on the lookout for newer types of buildings that feature modern styling and facilities. This has brought about the need for demolition Portland contractors to tear down the old structures in a bid to create room for the new ones that are in demand.

There are different demolition methods that contractors in Portland are using to safely bring down these old structures in the safest and most efficient way. Demolishing a house is not just about bringing the house down, it is a complex process that still requires the input of engineers to ensure that the whole process does not lead to injury of workers or destruction of property such as in cases where a structure being demolished comes down on a neighboring structure that is still in use.

Construction engineers also carry out their demolition in phases in order to salvage and recycle some of the building materials from the old structures. All in all, there are three common methods that are guaranteed to bring down even old structures in the quickest way.
One of the methods of demolishing old buildings is by hand. This is where workers use all manner of hand held tools to bring down a house. It is usually very slow and is carried out one floor at a time. Demolishing a building in this way is very safe since the building comes down gradually and recyclable materials can be neatly removed.

Balling is a method of demolition Portland contractors use after carefully assessing a site for safety; it is very efficient albeit very dangerous and can only be carried out after a full assessment of a site. It involves a huge swing ball that is controlled by a crane. The crane swings the ball ramming it into the old building. This method requires a lot of skill and experience, and it also requires the use of special equipment since not all cranes can swing a ball. It is most appropriate for multi-storey buildings.

Pusher arm is another common way of tearing down old structures. It involves the fitting of a special boom on an excavator, which can then be used to slowly tear down a building’s walls. The height of the building that can be demolished using this method is limited to the length of the boom fitted on the excavator; this method also requires a lot of room around the building for movement of the excavator.

These are the three most common demolition methods that you will see around, other methods such as implosion where explosives are used are not very common due to the hazards associated with them.


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