Residential Roofing Repair in Houston, TX Include Roof Build-ups

by | May 2, 2019 | Roofing

Built-up roofs are installed on low-slope roofs and are made up of several layers of bitumen finished with an aggregate coating. Build-up products typically incorporate an insulation layer as part of the roofing system. The layers that are used for this type of installation are referred to as ply sheets. Sheets are normally reinforced with organic or fiberglass mats, depending on the application.

Types of Built-up Roofs

Several kinds of built-up roofs are available for use. The bitumen material that is regularly used by specialists in installation and roofing repairs in Houston, TX is asphalt, coal tar, or a cold-applied adhesive. Surfacing and materials used for this type of roof are varied and therefore depend on the project and the budget. Ballasted asphalt is being used more and more because it features a nice finish surface and has fire-resistant qualities.

Cold Built-up Roofing

Cold built-up roofing can be applied with a squeegee or sprayed. Therefore, professionals in installations and roofing repairs do not have to install the roof using hot asphalt. As result, this type of built-up roof does not emit toxic fumes and is preferred for environmentally-sensitive roofing projects. A cold built-up roof is not dependent on the weather and performs better when compared to hot built-up type roofing applications.

However, roofing repairs and installation companies also note that the installation for a built-up roof is slower. The roof is also more susceptible to water and wind damage. Usually, when built-up roofs must be repaired, it has to do with repairing open joints, cracks, blistering, or undulations.

Some of the Benefits

Advantages of built-up roofs, according to roofers such as Texas Top Roofing & Siding, include the following:

* Excellent waterproofing protection
* Low maintenance
* UV protection
* Weather resistant
* Surfacing made up of minerals or gravels
* Low maintenance costs over the life of the roof

So, if you are seeking to improve the looks and performance of a low-sloped roof, you can take advantage of the benefits associated with installing a built-up covering. View website to know more about the quality Residential Roofing Repair in Houston, TX.

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