Recovering Your Home or Business Following Water Damage

Water Damage can have a number of causes, but the problems always need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Whether it’s a broken pipe, a damaged water heater, localized flooding, or the result of fire hoses, water cannot be allowed to stand in a structure for any appreciable length of time. Water can begin to damage a structure very quickly, weakening walls and floors, and eventually making that structure unsafe to enter. Fortunately, water damage repair crews are specially trained to deal with these kinds of environments.

The first step in dealing with a water damaged property is to locate the source of the water and eliminate it. This may be as easy as shutting off the main supply valve, but if the water is storm-related, a tarp may need to be placed over holes in the roof, or flood barriers may need to be put into place. Electricity should also be shut off, to avoid any possibility of electrocution during the water removal and repair procedures. The next step will be a thorough inspection of the building to assess the damage and to insure that the structure is safe to work in.

If there are items which can be salvaged and reclaimed, such as furnishings, wall-hangings, or clothing, they should be removed to another area where they can be tended to by experienced restorers. Removing and rearranging larger items will also make room for the water removal equipment which will need to be brought in. This equipment can include a variety of items, depending on the level of damage. Submersible pumps, heavy-duty fans, commercial dehumidifiers, and other gear may be called for to remove water and dry the premises as quickly as possible. If water is allowed to stand for too long, anti-microbial agents may need to be used to decrease the chance of mold or mildew damage.

Water Damage to any kind of structure can be hazardous and should be left to qualified, experienced professionals like the professionals at Black Label Restoration. They can not only get rid of water and dry out your home or business, they can also handle a variety of repairs, and they can work with your insurance company so that the project goes as smoothly as possible. They are available 24/7. To see what services they can offer you, visit them online at website

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