Quick Ways to Achieve Perfect Cut Lines

by | Dec 21, 2017 | painter

Getting those perfectly straight paint lines is something that is surely difficult, but certainly not impossible. The right painting techniques will help to ensure that you get a professional finish when you are painting. The key is to utilize the right perfect cut line tips and minimize any improper strokes as you go about your work.

Use the Right Colors

If you paint the lighter color on the walls and the darker one on the trim, this can help you to essentially clean up any mishaps with the wall paint. Simply use the darker color to make corrections to the areas where the two colors meet. You might consider using a fine detail brush for this. Just ensure that your hand is steady and fix small areas at a time.

Utilize a Paint Pail

It might be easier to get your paint from the bucket directly, but this can cause problems when you want to get clean lines. Instead, get a paint pail and only put in about one inch of paint at a time. This makes it easier to dip the tip of your brush into the paint to alleviate the risk of dripping. It also makes the brush lighter, allowing you better dexterity while you are applying paint to the wall.

Wiggle Into Tight Corners

When you are working on wall corners or on window frames, you might have tight spaces that are hard to get the paint into. Use a smaller brush and wiggle it into these areas. Make sure that you do this gently and with only a small amount of paint on the brush. This allows for greater dispersal of the paint.

Mask the Areas of Another Color

You want to use painter’s tape for this to get the right level of coverage and to make sure that it does not pull off paint when you remove it. Simply mask the areas that are not getting the color that you are currently applying. Make sure that the paint is completely dry before removing the tape. If you try to remove it when it is wet, it might pull the paint off. This is especially true with latex paint.

These perfect cut line tips will help to ensure that you are getting the exact look you need in your home. You might also consider taking advice from professional interior painting services, such as ESP Painting, to ensure that your finished job is as close to perfect as possible.

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