Protect Your Home and Foundation With a Quality Copper Gutter Installation Richmond VA

One of the most important features of any home is the roof, but even the best roof isn’t complete without quality gutters to control the flow of rainwater. Gutter systems typically run along the roof edges wherever watersheds. This is typically along every pitched aspect of the roof and can include porches. Once the water is caught in the gutter, it is channeled to downspouts so it can be adequately drained away. The primary purpose of this is to protect the foundation of the home. Excessive rain shedding off of a building can wash away the supporting soil and cause the foundation to shift.

Gutters come in several types including vinyl and aluminum, but the most durable come from Copper Gutter Installation Richmond VA. Copper is a soft metal that means it is very malleable and easy to shape. It also means that repairs are fairly easy as well. Compare this to vinyl that can harden and break over time causing repairs to be rather extensive. However, this doesn’t mean that copper is easily destroyed. In fact, copper is a stronger metal than aluminum so it doesn’t tear under stress that means that copper gutters can withstand those tough Virginia winters.

Unfortunately, any gutter system will suffer damage during severe storms. However, copper is the most resilient option available. Repairs to copper are usually a matter of soldering damaged areas or replacing short spans of gutter. If a seam breaks or a downspout comes loose, the contractor just needs to put it in place and solder the seam. Of course, with copper gutters the need for repairs are generally less than with other gutter systems because of the strength of the metal.

One of the benefits to Copper Gutter Installation Richmond VA is long lasting beauty. Unlike other materials that age poorly, copper develops a unique patina over the years. As this metal ages, it takes on a dark greenish hue that many people find pleasing. Combine this with a durable copper roof and you can make any home look like a New England manor.

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