Professional Mold Cleaning in San Francisco

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Home Improvement

As experienced professionals in the field, we at Swift Restoration Company know the hazards of mold growth in your home or business. While mold is present in the air and on most surfaces, our job is to ensure your residence or workplace is free of a mold issue. Overgrowth could potentially cause health hazards to your family or coworkers. Our certified staff is ready to begin professional mold cleaning for you right away, with 30-minute response time.

The Need for Thorough and Professional Service

Our job performing professional mold cleaning in San Francisco is to find and eliminate the source of moisture that is causing the growth. We are experienced and fully certified in the many diagnostic and remedial techniques required to safely and effectively eliminate mold. Oftentimes, many residential and businesses attempt to correct the problem with ineffective methods that can make the problem much worse.

In our past experiences, we have seen property owners who have tried to remove the mold growth with household cleaners such as vinegar and bleach. Also, we have arrived to find that a mold resistant paint has been used to cover up the existing problem and we have to explain to homeowners that this technique actually spreads the mold. Adding to an existing problem can make it more difficult to get it under control and wind up being more costly and invasive in the end.

Identifying the Source

We employ professional testing and diagnostic procedures that identify the source of mold overgrowth on your property. While some mold is present in most environments, we know the overgrowth is what can cause severe health hazards. Our trained workers collect swabs and air samples. The data is then processed by a professional laboratory that provides detailed reports on the issues present.

In addition to the problem areas, Swift Restoration Company also completes a full assessment of your property to look for any other sources of mold. Our goal is to ensure that all problems are identified before moving on to any removal or cleaning suggestions.

Ensure the Company You Hire is Ethical

There are two processes for professional mold cleaning. We perform both of these services including testing as well as remediation. Here at Swift Restoration Company, we strive to provide only ethically minded services, so as not to create a conflict. By identifying the mold and its source through testing, we invite you to call in a remediation service to complete the second phase of the work. We can perform both and unless the property owner insists we do both, we prefer to allow another qualified company to complete the next phase of your mold cleaning project. If you work with a contractor who is already speaking to you about the remediation while testing and not telling you that an ethical conflict exists, this should raise a red flag. We will always inform you of every step of the process in a professional and ethical manner.

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