Preparing For The Kitchen Floor Installation

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Kitchen Improvements

A kitchen floor is the center of activity. Because it is typical getting more use than other areas of the house, it will need to be replaced more often. With the upgrades in flooring designed for kitchens, investing in a new floor can help improve the space. These are some of the items to prepare before the new flooring is installed.

One of the jobs to tackle before the Kitchen Floor Installation is the removal of the old flooring. If the home is older and vinyl tiling was used as some point, it does need to be tested for asbestos before it is removed. If the test comes back positive, the process to remove it will have to be done by a remediation team. Any layer of glue will also have to be removed. This process makes take some time.

The sub-floor of the kitchen should be inspected as well. Older flooring can lose its ability to repels water. If this barrier has been lost, there is potential damage to the sub-flooring. Once the water damage has occurred, the sub-floor may not be able to support the new flooring. These compromised plywood pieces will need to be completely replaced before the new flooring can be installed. If there is a suspicion that the water has penetrated the floor supports, these should also be inspected.

If the flooring is going to be run under the appliances, they will need to be temporarily removed. While this is completely optional, it is important to keep in mind that they will need to be adjusted after the Kitchen Floor Installation. The new flooring may vary in thickness from the older flooring. Since appliances don’t get moved all of that often, there can be some surprises that will need to be addressed before the installation day.

New flooring will add value to a kitchen. Unfortunately, there is a lot of preparation work that needs to be done prior to the installation. The old flooring needs to be removed; the sub-floor should be inspected, and appliances will need to be temporarily moved. For more information on acquiring a new floor or for questions on installation, contact Kitchen Village Inc. You can also watch video on the YouTube channel.

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