Points to Ponder with New Countertops in Bellevue WA

While most of the features in the recently purchased home are great, the kitchen is long overdue for a face lift. One of the first things the new owner wants to do is strip the cabinets and replace those older Countertops in Bellevue WA with new ones. The decision remaining on the table is what sort of countertops to choose. Here are some tips that will help with the decision.

Color Options

These days, it is possible to purchase Countertops in Bellevue WA in just about any color or pattern that a customer can imagine. For those who prefer solid colors, it is possible to go with something simple basic white or be a little more daring and go for some type of jewel tone. For those who like the sleek look of black in a kitchen and plan on re-staining the cabinets, opting for a low gloss black countertop will add a touch of class to the space.

When it comes to patterns, many people like the look of granite or marble. While both materials can be used for countertops, remember that it is also possible to achieve the same look using laminates. That will make it easier to have the pattern desired and ensure the counters look great for years.


Since the kitchen will see a lot of action, it makes sense to focus on Countertops in Bellevue WA that are durable. Pay close attention to how well different materials resist damage from staining or heat. Rest assured that everyone at one time or another will set a hot pot directly on a counter. By choosing something that will not burn or discolor easily, the odds of having to replace the countertop sooner rather than later are kept to a minimum.

Comparing Costs

After purchasing a home, finding the money to make some updates may not be the easiest task. When comparing the merits of different countertop options, remember to look closely at the cost of purchase and installation. Doing so will make it possible to find the happy medium between the overall cost and the beauty of the kitchen.

For help with choosing and installing countertops, talk with the team at MN Stoneworks today. In no time at all, that older kitchen will take on a whole new look.

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