Points to Ponder with a Dog Fence Rental in Milwaukee, WI

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Relatives are coming to spend a couple of weeks, and the time promises to be a lot of fun. Everything is prepared for the visit, with one exception. Since they are bringing the family dog along, something must be done about creating a space for the pet to get fresh air and have room to run around. This is where arranging for a dog fence rental in Milwaukee WI, makes a lot of sense. When making plans for the rental, keep these tips in mind.

The Height of the Fencing

Consider how high the fence must be in order to prevent the pet from making an unauthorized stroll through the neighborhood. Consider the size of the dog and what it would take to jump over a structure. For smaller breeds, opting for a six-foot Dog Fence Rental in Milwaukee WI, will be sufficient. If the dog is a little larger, opting for a fence that is a little taller would be a wise move.

The Weave of the Fencing

This type of temporary fencing usually includes a weave of links that provide an open pattern. The goal is to make sure the pattern is not too open. How easily would the pet be able to slip through the links and wander away? Opting for fencing with a tight weave will increase the odds of the pet enjoying some time outdoors without the owners being in fear that the pet will get out of the yard.

The Stability of the Fence

Even though the structure is temporary, it must be stable. Find out what sort of support posts are included as part of the design. Ideally, the fence should hold up just fine even if the pet happens to lean or push against it.

For more tips on arranging the ideal temporary fence rental, Contact United Rentafence today. They can recommend the right product for the job and also ensure that the setup is managed properly. Once there is no longer a need for the fencing, they will also arrange to take it down and remove it from the property without delays.

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