Ozone Pool Systems Save Your Health and Money

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Home And Garden

Clearwater Pool Systems offer Ozone Pool Systems that can be used as an alternative to expensive and health hazardous chlorine. Chlorine is a known cancer causing chemical with toxic fumes that is dangerous to store. It is a costly chemical that leaves your skin and eyes dry and irritated. It is definitely not the best way to clean your pool. OzoneMax is a system that releases Ozone to your pool as an oxidizer instead of chlorine. Many people have chlorine allergies. This is an important new technology that is very safe.

How Ozone Works

Ozone is produced naturally in the earth?s atmosphere as an interaction between UV sunlight and oxygen. Ozone is also produced during lighting storms. Ozone pool systems use a small UV light band to generate oxygen atoms that will join with oxygen molecules to form ozone. It?s not important that you understand the chemistry, but it is important to know that ozone is 3,000 times faster than chlorine as a disinfectant, and it is fifty-five times stronger. Ozone works as an oxidizer, which attaches to substances such as body oils, suntan lotions, bacteria or viruses. This creates a cluster and enhances the pool filter?s ability to get the contaminants out of the pool. The water will be clearer than ever before.

OzoneMax is the product that Clearwater Pool Systems sells to produce ozone. You will need an injection kit with the OzoneMax model that you choose. OzoneMax pairs best with MineralPure, which is the other system that will greatly reduce your need to chlorinate your pool. MineralPure uses natural elements of copper and silver to create ions that clean your pool and require very little maintenance. Silver and copper have been used since the time of ancient Greece and Egypt to clean water, and it is a well-known fact they are excellent water purifiers.

If you have a saltwater pool, you may think you do not have any chlorine. However, saltwater creates chlorine, and the salt water corrodes your equipment quickly causing you to have to purchase more often.

Why Ozone is Better than Chlorine

You may not know how much money you can save by not having to buy chlorine. Ozone pool systems create no harmful by-products. This system will keep you from having to shock your pool, and because ozone is so much stronger than chlorine, you don?t need that much that often. There are two models sold by Clearwater Pool Systems: one for up to 30,000 gallons and one for up to 60,000 gallons. Ozone pool systems eliminate harmful chloramines and vapors that can cause lung problems, as well. Chlorine is harmful to the environment, and it is dangerous to store and use. It is toxic to the skin, which is the largest organ of the body.

So what are you waiting for? Why not save money and your health by switching to Ozone as an oxidizer? Remember, if you pair it with the MineralPure ionizer, you will have the cleanest purest pool that will leave your skin feeling great and save your hard earned money.

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