Out with the Old Heating System, In with the New

by | Apr 13, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating contractors in Cabell County are expert at helping owners of older furnaces and heating systems to determine whether or not various components need to be replaced, and if so, what the best solutions are in optimizing energy efficiency in any building structure. Usually, you can save up to 60% on your energy bill by upgrading if your system is 10 years old or older. A 20-year-old furnace, thermostat, and duct-work may get you through the winter in the same way a 1975 Lincoln Continental can get you over to the next town, but it wastes a lot of energy and is more expensive than necessary. Driving a newer model car with modern components and a clean engine will likely give you far better gas mileage for your money. The same thing is true of your furnace and heating system.

I was able to save almost 65% on my heating bill,” said Charles Portroy, a retired autoworker in Cabell County. “We replaced the old furnace we’d had since we bought the place 16 years ago, but just had the air-ducts cleaned. So now, not only am I paying less per month on keeping my house warm during the winter, but the house stays at an even temperature of 68 Fahrenheit. Never gets too hot or too cold.

Furnaces that are old will break and fall into a state of inefficiency more easily than newer ones. Heating contractors in Cabell County can inspect your system and provide an estimate as to whether repairing your older system for another season of use will be cheaper or more expensive than just buying a new furnace, as well as make specific recommendations about duct-work, your thermostat, and ventilation. Often, you may recover the cost of a new system in a relatively short time through savings on your energy bill once you have a more modern, energy-efficient system. Consulting with heating contractors in Cabell County may result in making improvements, such as merely cleaning ducts rather than replacing them so that you don’t end up overhauling your whole HVAC system. Others find that cleaning ducts improves efficiency tremendously, as well as repairing ducts that do not lead to vents and expend heat into the attic or outside, diffused in dollar bills.

It’s important to find licensed and qualified heating contractors in Cabell County who can also check out your electrical service, how well your furnace functions, the performance of your thermostat, the aeration of your duct-work, the proficiency of vents, and other factors to best determine how to maximize use while preventing heat loss, thereby saving you money.

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