Northern Virginia Roofing is Seeing the Benefits of Aluminum Roofing

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Roofing

The benefits of metal roofing are pretty widely known, what may be less familiar are the benefits of specific aluminum metal in Northern Virginia roofing. The lightest material of all metal roofing it’s exceedingly strong and durable and actually lasts a lifetime, or a minimum of 50 years. Due to aluminums specific chemical properties it will never rust and it resists any corrosion. But it isn’t just for physical advantages of durability that Northern Virginia roofing is selecting aluminum, but for monetary reasons as well. Not only will installing an aluminum metal roof increase your homes property values, but it will save you significant money on your utility bills each month. Lets look at the advantages one at a time.

Resistant to Corrosion

All metal roofing is somewhat resistant to corrosion, but aluminum is the best in this category as it contains no steel. When aluminum oxidizes it acts as a separate barrier against the atmosphere. It’s this protective barrier that allows it to retain its finish. So for properties on the coast, or in a corrosive species area, like North eastern Virginia aluminum is the best possible choice.

Dependable, While Light and Strong

Aluminum for Northern Virginia roofing comes in either panels or in shingles. The benefits of being so light weight is that they put less weight and pressure on the roofs trusses so there’s no need to worry about structural support issues. Yet even though it’s the lightest choice of any of the metal roofing products it is still as strong. Most aluminum roofs can stand up to even hurricane winds, so there’s no need to worry about the weather affecting your Northern Virginia roofing.

Environmentally Green

Aluminum is a terrific green builders choice for roofing as it is made almost of 100% recycled materials. What’s more is that it ability to reflect the sunlight and solar power means that your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard during those hot Virginia summer months, as the roof will keep the internal temperature inside far better than alternative roofing materials.

Safety is Key

Those that live under an aluminum metal roof have increased security and a greater sense of peace of mind. You’ll find that aluminum won’t burn like an asphated shingled roof, or wooden shingle shake roof will. Also if your home has a lower pitch aluminum can still wick water away without causing a flood on the ground. In fact aluminum roofing improves safety so much that most insurance companies will lower your home insurance premium when you have it installed.

Choose the durability, the long life, corrosion resistance, and added safety and security an aluminum metal material for your northern Virginia roofing provides and know you’ll never have to think of your roof again.

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