Modern Options for a Carriage House Garage Door in Huntington, WV

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors provide old world charm and are reminiscent of past centuries when horse-drawn carriages were the mode of transportation. The rustic wood, iron hinges, and simple designs suited the needs and met the demands of the times. Today, that style remains popular and is best suited for wider garages. The look of a Carriage House Door in Huntington WV is desired, but the materials are not conducive to energy efficiency, power door openers, and current levels of pollution. The carriage house design has been given a modern upgrade to better suit the situations and conditions of modern times. Colors, styles, and the overall impression is the same, but materials and construction provide more options.

A wood Carriage House Garage Door in Huntington WV is constructed to be stronger, energy-efficient, and weather-resistant. The panels are treated with rust-resistant coatings, for example, and added insulation is available. Galvanized steel is utilized for the hardware and tracks to accommodate powerful garage door openers and provide a weather-tight fit to prevent the wind, rain, and ice from accumulating at the bottom of the door. Another option is a steel carriage house door. It simulates the look of wood but is far more energy-efficient. Steel doors are completely insulated to increase thermal efficiency. That also helps the door operate quietly and block out street noises. Overlay boards are treated to resist mold, termites, weather, and corrosion from pollutants. Section joints are designed to reduce wind and moisture from entering the garage, and heavy-duty hinges provide stability and strength.

Once a carriage house door is selected, proper installation is crucial to the operation of the garage door. A misaligned fit, hardware inserted incorrectly, or a door opener that cannot support the weight of the door can drastically compromise the integrity of the new door. That can lead to frequent repairs, loss of energy efficiency, decreased stability, unsafe conditions, and premature replacement of the door. An experienced company, like Garage Door Operators Inc, for example, can assist in the selection of the door and provide installation services. Repair and replacement services are also offered for residential and commercial customers. The look of a carriage house door and the advantages of modern technology is a perfect combination to provide years of use and enjoyment.

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