Lawn Irrigation in Grand Rapids can meet all your Sprinkler Needs

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Lawn Irrigation in Grand Rapids can take away the frustrations of constantly having to water your lawns. Are there times when you work late and can’t get to the lawn watering? Watering your lawns at specific times can also lower your water bill. Instead of watering during the day when the sun soaks water up, plants and shrubs don’t get the most out of your watering efforts. Watering early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are cooler are the best times. These times can be regulated through lawn irrigation systems.

For climates where it does not experience annual freezes, there is a way you can do the irrigation on your own. It may seem that you cannot install your own lawn irrigation system on your own, when actually you can. There are not many tools needed. The fear people feel encourages them to calling in lawn irrigation professionals to soon. If you are a handy type of person around the house, then, doing your own may be suitable.

Drip irrigation systems are above ground and they make the best use of your water by regulating as explained earlier. At times, local authorities do not allow watering, so the drip irrigation system is great for this type of area. These areas are typically drought areas as well.

You need to start with is a flexible garden hose and a few pressure regulators to make an above ground drip irrigation system. You have one of two options for this next step. The first would take up to two hours. Take the length of the garden hose and cut a few holes in it. Next connect it to a pressure regulator. Option two is purchasing an already made rigid piping that already has the holes cut at equal distances. This second option may be a better plan.

With an underground irrigation system, there is more work at the beginning. You have to bury all the pipes, although the beautiful results of your garden and grass are worth the hard work put in. Water is pumped underground and brought directly to the roots of plants; therefore, there is no water loss with an underground drip irrigation system.

You may be wondering why anyone would want an above ground drip irrigation system over an underground system. For folks who change their garden frequently by taking out plant and shrubs to place with new and/or different ones, having an underground system in place loses flexibility.

However, if this seems to be too much to take on, then definitely call in the Lawn Irrigation of Grand Rapids professionals. They do have tricks and details that are better handled to do the job of taking care of the lawn. Professionals will (if needed) slope in a scale of progression the property in order to get the most from the water used.

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