Kitchens, Baths, and More: Tile Flooring in Reading, PA

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Flooring

Nothing says “welcome home” quite like walking through the front door and stepping onto a beautiful tiled floor. With seemingly endless possibilities in terms of style, design, and materials, tile is one of the most diverse and versatile flooring types available. Tile flooring can be made from ceramic, porcelain, clay, a variety of stone, or even from composites of crushed stone. A professionally installed tile floor can end up being the longest lasting floor you will ever have.

Diversity is Unmatched

Tile designs can consist of large or small single squares, random or designed patterns, and even intricate repeating patterns. Pre-assembled tile flooring units make some of the most unique and complex patterns easy to install. Tile looks good on counters, floors, baseboards, backsplashes, on stairs, in entryways, in kitchens, in bathrooms (including the walls), in bedrooms, and even on balconies. From ceramic and granite to stone and engineered composites, tile provides a multitude of options, patterns, and colors from which to choose.

Quality of Installation

A quality installation is paramount to having a durable, long lasting, beautiful floor that you can be proud of. The installation of tile flooring in Reading, PA starts with choosing the material and design you want with the help of a tile expert who knows everything there is to know about tile products. Your installer will lay down a subfloor or concrete backer board that is secure, stable, flat, clean, and smooth to ensure the highest quality substrate for your tile.

After laying out the tile pattern, your installer will set each tile securely into a bed of adhesive with spacers in between before adding mortar to the joints. Mortar joints are wiped or tooled for a smooth, consistent finish. Excess mortar will be properly cleaned from each tile. Precision-cut corners and end pieces are set in place to finish the installation. Get more information about the process and find out what options are available for your floor.

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