Is Your Home Suffering From Foundation Issues?

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Home Improvement

If you live in Houston, Texas, you are in a state where expansive clays dominate, especially the south-eastern part. This type of soil has the ability to exert immense pressure on any structure that has a concrete foundation. High pressures of this type can result in the formation of foundation issues. If the damage is not taken care of, further structural destruction can occur.

Several Signs of Foundation Issues

If your foundation is suffering from damage, there will be indications of the problems. Foundation issues do have clear signs that the underpinning of your home may be in trouble. Among the major warnings are:

* Doors: They begin to jam or may fail to latch.

* Walls: Cracks appear in them especially where they meet the ceiling.

* Molding:
They have cracks over doorways and windows.

* Porch or Garage:
The concrete has cracks in it.

* Vinyl or Ceramic Tiles:
Those placed on a concrete floor have cracks.

* Windows:
Where once they opened and closed with ease, they now either stick or will not close at all. There are gaps.

* Basement:
The walls may be cracked or bowed. It may be damp or wet.

* Bricks:
Those that grace your home’s exterior are cracked.

* Concrete Blocks:
They are cracked.

* Floors:
Once straight and even floors are uneven.

* Chimney:
It is leaning or cracked.

* House:
Your house, which is not very old, is making all sorts of creaking noises even when a wind is not blowing.

Perhaps the most blatant indication that you have serious foundation issues is the appearance of sink holes in your yard.

What to Do

It is important that you take corrective action. Make sure that such things a cracks in your drywall are not simply a cosmetic issue. You can immediately call in someone to inspect your foundation. You can also make your own initial examination of your property to ensure there really are foundation issues before you call in the pros.

Look closely at the exterior. See if the foundation actually appears to be standing straight and firmly in position. Sight down the complete length of your foundation?s wall. See if the joints and stance is straight. There should be no evidence of leaning, bulging or curves in the foundation at all.

If you have any doubts, you may want to probe the foundation. This is for those who have poured foundations that are exhibiting any kind of flaking or chipping. You can perform this task easily with a screwdriver without creating any further damage. If a piece chips off, it may indicate foundation issues that can only be remedied with replacing the entire foundation.

If you find your home has signs of foundation issues, you may find yourself in need of a professional. Check out what you can first, before you call in the experts. After a thorough analysis, they can provide you with the skill you need to make your foundation whole again.

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