How to use Plaster to decorate your Kitchen

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Home Improvement

Plasterers are skilled artisans who can add an interesting finishing touch to your walls and ceilings. There are many plaster treatments you can apply for great effect to add drama, interest and texture for a custom look in your kitchen.

Wonderful Walls
Your walls can be given many different looks when working with a master plasterer. Plaster offers a look ideal for traditional kitchens if you are embracing an English farmhouse or cottage, Mediterranean influences and classic Tuscan or Provencal? designs. Plaster is a warm and rustic finish in the more traditional kitchen but can also be modernized with more streamlined finishes or concise lining and textures. Walls can be finished in unique ways by incorporating various techniques. You can tint the plaster or work with finishes that add sheen and depth. Some plasterers can even achieve looks such as leather or even a grainy wood. Because it is an art form plasterers can work to create the unique finishing touch you desire.

Exhaust Fan Focal Point
Exhaust fans plays an important role in the look of a well finished kitchen. Interesting focal points can be created to draw attention to your exhaust fan. They can be accented with a special wall feature to mimic the look of interesting chimneys of ancient homes seen in many areas of the world. You can add customized detail to the finish applied by plasterers such as classic moulding. You can even have special, unusually shaped bulk heads created as part of the exhaust fan feature.

Decorative Ceilings
The ceiling is often an overlooked detail in the kitchen. However your kitchen can be made cosier with details such as a coffered ceiling, an inset decorative bulk head or a specialty plaster effect to create texture. Plasterers can advise you on the many techniques they can use and which ones are best suited for your particular style and theme. It is important to keep in mind too much texture in the cooking area of the kitchen can pos e a problem as it will tend to collect oil and spatter which can lead to a hygiene problem. Therefore you can look at areas over seating, islands without cook tops and even down the centre of a galley style kitchen for the best spots to add a decorative texture to your kitchen ceiling.

A professional plasterer can provide you with a customized look for your kitchen walls and ceilings. You can also add decorative detail to exhaust fans and other architectural feautures in your kitchen.

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