How to Provide Moisture Protection for Your Commercial Property

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Painting Services

Florida is famous for sunny weather, but rain is not completely out of the picture. Storms can rage and subject your commercial property to inches within a few hours. Keeping all this water out of the interior requires good protective barriers on the exterior surfaces.

The materials used for the exterior portion of your commercial building are what separate all of the equipment, furniture, computers, and office supplies from some of the serious storms that kick up in Florida. Warmer, humid temperatures also set you up for condensation concerns when air conditioning is in heavy use. Using proven methods of waterproofing Gainesville businesses depend on to reduce water damage, and mold is an affordable solution to protect your property.

Protecting wood and metal exteriors from water damage, and corrosion is easiest by hiring commercial painters Gainesville businesses trust to maintain a coat of quality paint on the surface. Reducing exposure of the wood and metal during storms and rainy spells reduces incidences of an expensive replacement. Industrial painting companies like EPI Painting and Waterproofing can handle the biggest job quickly.

Sealants like silicone are perfect for eliminating water intrusion through concrete joints. Improperly applied sealants or product failure are common reasons to call on experts in waterproofing Gainesville businesses depend on for a quick solution. It can provide a perfect seal around pools, on sidewalks, entryways, foundations, and anywhere two slabs of the concrete join. The weathered or failed sealant can be quickly replaced with a new silicone product.

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