How to Prepare for Floor Refinishing in NYC

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Flooring

When wood floors start to look dull and worn, Floor Refinishing in NYC can restore them and make them look amazing again. However, the room does need to be prepped to ensure the floor can be refinished quickly and easily. Even if a pro is handling the refinishing, there are a few things homeowners can do before they arrive.

Remove Everything From the Room

It’s important to remove everything from the room before the job begins. Many companies will help remove heavy furniture so it’s not in the way, but the homeowner can clear out everything else before they arrive. If there are bookshelves, take everything off so they can be easily moved. Move out smaller furniture, rugs, and other small items from the room.

Clean the Floors Thoroughly

The floors should not have dust, dirt or debris when the refinishing begins as it can cause issues during the refinishing. Dust can stick in the stain or the protective finish and stains or other issues that need to be cleaned before work can begin will make the whole job take longer. Before the pros arrive, go ahead and thoroughly clean the room. Use a vacuum to pick up as much as possible, then a mop to clean anything else. Leave enough time for the floors to fully dry before the company arrives and gets started.

Make Plans for the Day

Kids and pets should be kept well away from the area during the whole refinishing project. There will be dust, loud noises, and chemicals being used. If needed, plan to take the kids to a park for the day or have the pets stay at a friend’s house. This helps keep them from getting into the room while the work is done and can be more fun for everyone.

If your floor needs to be refinished, have a pro handle the Floor Refinishing in NYC, but make sure the above is done so everything is ready to go when they arrive. Visit the website for New York Wood Flooring now to learn more about what to expect during the refinishing process or to schedule a time to have them refinish your floors.

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