How to Make A Vertical Garden

Although you can attach a vertical garden right to a wall, constructing a frame to hang on the wall allows taking it down to be a lot simpler.

Attach Plastic Sheeting

Attach plastic sheeting to your frame. The plastic will act as a backing for the layer of fabric, in addition to keeping water off of the wall. You can use expanded PVC sheets.

Attach Fabric

Attach the fabric layer to the frame. It’s the material where the plants are going to live, and is going to hold water for the plants as well.

Set Irrigation System Up

In order to keep plants growing upon a vertical surface, you will require an irrigation system which will offer moisture all throughout the layer of fabric.

Add Fertilizer Injector

In order to fertilize the wall, connect a fertilizer injector, like Add-It, with a simplistic irrigation valve. This sends liquid fertilizer to your irrigation system. Hook the irrigation system up and attach to the water source. You will have to filter the water using an irrigation water filter.

Select Your Plants

Like any gardening, take into consideration the shade, sun, wind, cold, and humidity while selecting the plants which you are going to leave outdoors all year long.

Insert Plants

In order to insert plants inside the outside fabric layer, use a razor blade so you can make a horizontal cut within the material. Obtain as much soil off of the plant’s root ball as you can then insert it inside a cut. With a staple gun, insert 3-5 stainless-steel staples to connect the cloth to the plastic backing within a semicircle that surrounds the root ball, and create a solid envelope.

Plant Design

Pick plants which will grow 2’–3’ out from the wall then plant them at the top in order for them to create shade beneath.

For more information on how to make a vertical garden, contact Plantscapes U.S.A. at 610-329-0000.

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