How to Maintain Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry is a costly investment; one that goes through a serious amount of wear and tear as time passes by. Food, grease and dust can all quickly collect on light wood kitchen cabinets and become very hard to remove. For this reason, it is advisable to clean you cabinets and doors often.

Whenever a deep clean is required, sticking with natural cleaners like baking soda will reduce the risk of damaging the varnish or veneer. Remember to finish each cleaning with a light polishing to help them continue to look new.

Three Ways to Clean Your Cabinets

1. Daily Cleaning: Make a solution of vinegar and water. This will create a milder cleansing solution suitable for daily use on wood. Most importantly, it will not warp the wood or damage the finish. Note: If you cannot stand vinegar, a light soap solution will work just as well. Simply mix 1tsp of regular dish soap with a cup of water and you are good to go.
2. Wipe down the outside of cabinetry after cooking: Food, gunk and grease has a tendency to quickly accumulate after cooking. Remembering to wipe down your cabinets after each time you cook will enhance the chances of your cupboards staying in great condition. Do this by dipping a clean cloth into a solution of vinegar and water and gently wipe down each cabinet. Note: Try to avoid using too much water, dampness can cause the wood to warp. Gently ring out your cloth prior to wiping the cabinet.
3. Lightly buff and dry after cleaning: Use a soft, dry cloth to lightly buff each cabinet after cleaning to not only remove streaks, but also to help bring out the woods natural sheen. Note: Once weekly or monthly consider using a high quality, wood-grade polish on the cabinets, doors and drawer faces to help keep the wood looking shiny and new.

Daily cleaning keeps kitchen cabinets in great condition and looking their best

The best solutions for cleaning wood cabinets are not costly and can be found in any supermarket. They are:

•   Vinegar
•   Baking Soda
•   Water

You don’t need to spend countless hours wiping and washing your kitchen cabinets to keep them looking fresh. However, adopting a daily ‘upkeep’ practice will not only ensure that your investment is protected, but it will also help to prevent things like wood warp and stains from wreaking havoc on your fabulous kitchen design.


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