How to Choose the Right Color Temperature for Your Lighting in Victoria, BC

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Home Improvement

If you need new lighting fixtures in your home, a commercial space, or any property, one thing that you should consider is the color temperature. Lighting in Victoria, BC, and anywhere around the world, follows a set of rules regarding the color that the light gives off. Even if you think your light is just “white”, it’s still giving off color. And these colors have perceived temperatures. Here’s what you need to know.

Color Temperature Is Measured in Kelvin

If you were to measure the temperature of each color wave in the world, you would find that certain colors run “hot” and certain colors run “cold’. The colors that tend to have large number ratings on the Kelvin scale are actually colors we would think of in color theory as being cool colors – blue and white, for example. Whereas yellow and orange have smaller ratings on the Kelvin scale.

Choosing the Right Color Temperature for a Residential Home

Your home has to accomplish a lot of things. It needs to be inviting and cozy, but it also is a place where you get things done. However, most lighting experts agree that a warmer color would be more inviting for your home. Choose something under 3,000 Kelvin and you’ll have a warm, rosy glow in your home. This will give your home a very cozy feeling, and help you to relax. This is the type of color temperature that is used in restaurants or any place where the goal is cozy ambience.

The Right Color Temperature for a Commercial Space

There are many different types of commercial spaces, and what color temperature you choose can really set a specific mood.

For sterile environments like hospitals, or areas where you want to display something in a very clinical manner, you want the coolest light you can get. This type of lighting (between a 4,600 and a 6,500 Kelvin) is very invigorating. Because it leaves no shadows, it demands that every nook and cranny be examined. That gives us a sense of cleanliness.

However, that type of lighting can also be harsh every day. There is an in-between lighting that is bright and energetic, but not quite so stark. Choose this for most office spaces.

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