How to be One among the Air Conditioning Contractors in Prince Frederick

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Finding the right job is not an easy feat to accomplish especially if you do not have any specific passion or hobby which you want to incorporate into. Every work has its own qualification which will tell you if you meet the criteria to be suitable for the job. This is the same way if you want to be one of the air conditioning contractors in Prince Frederick. You would need to accomplish certain qualifications for you to be credible enough for the job and so that people will trust you in the said field.

The foundation of the air conditioning contractors in Prince Frederick is the same with all the job descriptions in the world. The first thing you need is an education. Though it may not be as extensive as the education necessary to be a surgeon, basic and secondary education are required for the job. It is still recommended for people who want this job to finish secondary education. After the founding education, the American Technician Excellence as a whole will provide options you can choose from. This will be the opportunity to choose a concentration which you want to focus on.

You can become one of the air conditioning contractors in Prince Frederick but you can also belong to a different field of work if you want to. You may want to focus on Hydronics oil or Hydronics gas. You may also want to be an HVAC efficiency analyst if you are not satisfied with just air conditioning. In addition to this, Heat pumps and oil heating may also be considered as a concentration along with light and commercial refrigeration. Air distribution may also be taken into consideration. With these different fields, it is an opportunity for you to choose.

After choosing a specific field of concentration, the American Technician Excellence will conduct an examination. This is your key towards the door of becoming one of the air conditioning contractors in Prince Frederick. Like any other certification exam, the examination has two parts. The first part would be a written examination with 100 items to be answered and with the passing score of 70%. The second part is the hands on or the testing exam. The testing exam will be held on a different day. Passing both parts is a must to be certified.

Some would say that this certification is not necessary for you to become a technician in the air conditioning field. It is however a huge edge since people will trust you more and would believe that you are capable to handle whatever issues they may have more than people who are not certified. Being certified would not only be an advantage towards other people but also to yourself since you will be more confident about the job.



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