Hiring Help from Residential Cleaning Service Agencies – The Trends Today

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Home Improvement

Just a few decades away the majority of the clients who hired residential cleaning service agencies were senior and/or retired people who had the money but no longer had the stamina for household chores. Today the trends are fast changing. Today, the majority of people who seek house cleaning help are young people in the age bracket of 25-45 years of age. Senior people are there, too but there is brisk rise in the demand coming from young people.

The demographics are changing fast owing to a wide variety of factors that are playing a role in bring about this significant change:

1. Both Adults In The Family Work Full Time

Why is there a sudden change in the demand for cleaning services? According to the surveys generated by residential cleaning service Pittsburgh area agencies, the demand is growing because today both adults in a family are pursuing their careers actively leaving them little or no time for household chores. They help one with the basics of caring for their children and keeping the house manageably clean; however, without regular help they would not be able to cope with a demanding career, looking after children and cleaning of the house.

2. The Fees Charged Byf House Cleaning Services Is Affordable

Another important factor is that the per-family income is higher owing to having two adults working full time. At the same time, the cost charged by residential cleaning service agencies has come down significantly. For example, basic weekly cleaning would come with a bill of only $30-$70 which is extremely affordable by most people.

3. People Are More Aware And Particular About The Importance of Cleanliness

Most people choose to hire a residential cleaning service agency simply because they love to come to a clean and healthy home. Besides the widely popular concept of Feng Shui, which says that a cluttered and dirty house brings about ill health and bad luck, people are aware that to be healthy you need to live in a clean environment. Since due to fatigue and lack of time they are unable to ensure that their house is clean, they resort to hiring cleaning agencies for the task.

4. People Find Household Chores A Waste Of Time

Young people of today increasingly use residential cleaning service Pittsburgh area agencies because they feel that household chores are a complete waste of time. They would rather use the time to take rest, socialize online or go back to school to promote their career.

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