Hire the Best Pocatello, ID Water Damage Restoration Company

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Restoration

In an instant catastrophe can strike a home. Whether it’s a fire, flood or hail storm a homeowner can face major repairs. It’s critical that the homeowner call a restoration expert immediately to assess the damage and stabilize the home to prevent further problems. This is especially true if the homeowner is dealing with a Pocatello, ID Water Damage problem. When a homeowner calls to initiate a claim for water damage, the insurance agent will tell them to begin the water extraction process immediately. This step is so critical that most catastrophe damage restoration companies have a 24-hour a day response team.

It is important that the insurance company recognize the problem fully and agree to pay the full restoration amount. The homeowner should hire a company that has a prior relationship with the insurance companies in the area. This ensures that they will know how the system works and will help the homeowner get the insurance settlement that they need. It’s a good idea to have a representative from the restoration company present when the insurance adjuster does their walk through. This ensures that no items are missed and that everyone agrees to the repair or restoration costs.

There are basic computer software programs that insurance adjusters use to calculate the reimbursement for various repairs and clean-up tasks. A smart contracting company will use the same software. They will double check the insurance adjustor’s work and the entire process should run smoothly.

In addition to extracting the water from rugs and floors, the best Pocatello, ID Water Damage Restoration services includes dehumidification, the removal of wet flooring or dry wall, and mold and mildew prevention and treatment. It’s important for the homeowner to realize that standing water can be very dangerous to their health. If the water damage included an overflowing toilet, that water can be filled with all types of bacteria and pathogens. The same can be said for overflowing stormwater drains. Even if water begins as clean water, as it stands it will breed bacteria or pick it up from floor varnishes and paint. Water restoration is truly best left to the professionals. It ensures that the home will be clean and sanitary and ready for people to live in it again.

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