Getting the Best In Residential Window Tinting in Bradenton

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Home Improvement

For people who live in Florida, one of the biggest complaints can be the excessive heat build-up in the home from too much warm sunlight. While most Floridians enjoy the sunshine, excessive sunlight can be costly and difficult to deal with.

The Cost of Excessive Sunlight

The Florida sun can be a bit overpowering year-round, but it can be especially problematic in the summer when the Florida sun is at its peak. As the sunlight pours into a home, it can cause damage to furnishings and décor as well as cause a rise in energy bills just to neutralize the excessive heat. This can prove to be expensive as the bleaching and discoloration of furnishings and décor usually mean replacement is necessary. In addition, energy bills during the summer months can skyrocket as the summer sunlight can make living space unbearable without constant use of air conditioning.

Dimming the Sunlight

The good news is there are ways to dim the effects of sunlight by installing window film over residential windows. Unlike other window coverings, window film works at reducing the power of the sunlight entering the home while still allowing for an open view of the outdoors. Window film reduces the harsh rays of the sun from penetrating the décor and furnishings and keeps a home cooler.

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