Getting Familiar with Septic Tank Cleaning in Long Valley, NJ

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Home Improvement

Cleaning a septic tank is very important to maintain hygiene. In the process of septic tank cleaning, special emphasis is laid on removal of root blockage, cleaning of grease tanks, repair of sinks and drains, cleaning of the sewer pipes and drain pipes as well as jetting water.

Due to heavy flow of water, the lining of sewage pipes wears out. This leads to thinning out of the pipes and before you know it, the pipe starts leaking or breaks down completely. You will find many septic tank cleaning companies in Long Valley, NJ which are involved in repairing these pipes as well and relining them, so that a situation of break down doesn’t arise ever.

It is also very important to clean sewer pipes from time to time to prevent them from getting jammed and overflowing. Before the cleaning process is started, inspection of the pipe is done using video imaging. It helps to spot the blockages in the pipe. So, the cleaning of the sewer system is more effective. It is indeed important to clean out the sewers so that overflow of waste water doesn’t happen. It is both cumbersome to clean the waste water and exposure to the waste water can expose you to different diseases that are water borne and vector borne.

New ways of septic tank cleaning in Long Valley, NJ include the introduction of microorganisms which breaks down into smaller, less harmful molecules. Microbes introduced for this purpose are bacteria and different types of worms. So even if there is a septic tank leakage, it will not be as difficult to handle as it would be if the waste water was untreated. These microbes also act on solid wastes. However, it should be noted that these microbes cannot act on non- biodegradable wastes like plastic, metal and etc..

For these non-biodegradable wastes, some organizations have introduced the technology of plastic leaching chamber, which will act on these wastes in a manner to degrade them in to a soluble form. After the septic tank is cleaned, the water is drained into cultivation fields as fertilizer. It is not only an effective way of draining away the waste, but also helps to provide crops with the needful nutrition in a natural form. All this is possible due to the introduction of microbes like bacteria and worms in to the process of cleaning the septic tank and also the introduction of plastic leaching chamber, for the treatment of non-biodegradable waste.

Septic tank cleaning should be done as frequently as possible so that there is no possibility of waste water accumulation and breaking down of the septic tank and the possible leakage of the waste water. It is best to make a contract with a company offering septic tank cleaning in Long Valley, NJ, which will regularly visit and clean your septic tank and repair your drainage system and sinks, tubs and tanks. It is a good step to hygiene maintenance at home and also it is much cheap and less cumbersome. There are many such plumbers who offer these services in NJ.


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