Garage Doors in Charleston WV – What Are The Different Types?

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Doors And Windows

Garage doors are some of the most prominent features in your house. When you choose a garage door, functionality should be the prime concern. You also need to keep this in mind when you buy a home because in case the door is not functional, you might have to get it changed, which requires additional expenses. Given below are different kinds of garage doors that you can get in Charleston WV along with their pros and cons. Consider your requirements and make a knowledgeable choice.

Sliding garage doors

Sliding garage doors are some of the most common. The biggest benefit of these doors is that they take up very little space when compared to conventional garage doors. Visibility in the garage is higher and these doors are good if you own tall cars. Automatic system can be easily incorporated in a sliding door. Even without the automatic system, these doors are much easier to operate when compared to any other door.

Roll up garage doors

The main benefit of a roll up garage door is that they are not obstructive. These doors are lightweight and easy to operate manually. They can also be incorporated with an automatic system. The second major benefit of this kind of a garage door is that it consumes lesser power when compared to other types of doors. Thirdly, these doors are more durable and do not require a lot of maintenance. So, in the long term, you save a good bit of money. There are also no out swings or overhangs with these doors, thereby reducing risks of accidents and injuries.

Swing out garage doors

Swing out doors require a lot of space and are not used in a lot of modern installations. However, they are easy to operate, although you need to put in a bit of effort to get the big heavy door to open. Swing garage doors require lots of space for movement. So, they are not suitable for homes which do not have a lot of space surrounding the door. Among the various kinds of doors, these are the least functional. But if you want a distinctive look for the garage, these doors are great choices.

Swing up garage doors

Swing up doors open upwards. But unlike roll up doors, they do not roll up. They swing up. These doors are also space consuming. The advantage of these kinds of doors is that they give a lot of space for entry and exit of vehicles. The second advantage of these doors is that they are easier to install. However, they might require maintenance. Unless they are fitted with an automatic system, they are difficult to operate.

The choice of garage doors is largely personalized. Considering the kinds of vehicles you have and usage patterns, you can decide on the best kind of garage doors in Charleston WV.

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