Garage door spring- an overview

A spring is vital to a garage door’s overall function as this allows it to be easily opened or closed. Opening and closing of a garage door are done either by hands or through the use of an automatic one. Overtime, the springs will lose its effectiveness as they also have their lifespan. Before you choose a garage door spring repair service from Lancaster County. Here are few details that you may want to know.

Garage door spring types

There are two types of springs when it comes to garage doors. The first is the Torsion type of spring. This type is heavy-duty are is mounted on a rod made of metal. This is placed in parallel to the entryway, specifically over the entryway opening. The Torsion type spring is loaded and has a twisting action.

An Extension type springs are light springs and are placed opposite to the entryway and are over the flat bits of the entryway tracks. These springs function by stretching and pulling with the use of its links and pulleys similarly as with the torsion framework since augmentation springs are only suspended between two sections.

Symptoms that the garage door spring is failing

One sign that the spring is failing is the garage door feels more massive than usual. When it is harder to open or close the garage door because of its weight, then that is a symptom that the spring might have slowly become ineffective. When its spring is almost at the end of its lifespan, the effort that one puts in opening the door becomes greater.


Once it is suspected that your garage door spring is starting to malfunction, do not remove it from the door when the door is still open. This can cause the door to crash down due to its weight. It is also good to note that when a spring is broken, it is never safe to open the door. Inform your family members not to pull the emergency release handle.

Sometimes, a garage door spring repair requires total replacement. Avoid the stress and risk by doing it yourself. If you’re in the Lancaster County area, find a company like Smoker Door Sales to get your garage door back to its functional state.

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