Four Unusual Questions to Ask Surprise Home Remodeling Contractors

Most Surprise home remodeling contractors are used to the typical pre-hiring questions. These typically include questions about the contractor’s work history, license and bonding, and general experience. In fact, if you’re looking to hire a home remodeling contractor, then you should be asking these questions as well.

However, once you get past the typical questions, then you might short-list your prospective Surprise home remodeling contractors and start asking a few other probing questions like the ones below.

1. What’s missing from your estimate?
Some home remodeling contractors in Jacksonville, FL will turn in a low bid for a job, but that’s often because they haven’t included everything in the estimate.

For example, they may not include the daily clean up estimate, which can add up over a long renovation. It’s also common for some contractors to leave out things like building permits.

You’ll want to follow up with these contractors to get an estimate for all supplies, labor and paperwork, which makes it easier for you to compare bids.

2. Do you have samples on hand?
A decent home remodeling contractor will show you a catalog. A good home remodeling contractor will have samples on hand for you to see. A great contractor will have a design showcase for you to visit, which will give you a chance to touch the materials and gather some great design ideas.

3. Who does the paperwork?
Gathering the necessary licenses and paperwork can be tedious, especially if you’re not sure of what all is required. That’s why you’ll want to work with home remodeling contractors in Jacksonville, FL who pull permits on your behalf, while being sure to keep you in the loop regarding the status of these permits and the approval process.

In addition, if you are part of a home owner’s association, then check that your contractor will work with the organization to get the required approvals.

4. Are you involved in the community?
What you’re looking for home remodeling contractors who are invested in the community. Pride in the community often translates to pride in work; because they want to make sure their neighborhoods look great. As such, look for home remodeling contractors who’re somehow involved in the community, such as through charity sponsorships or being members of local professional organizations.

Home remodeling is a big step, which is why you want to be careful when choosing your home remodeling contractor. To save time, you can start and end your search with American Home Remodel and Restoration The team at American Home Remodel and Restoration have been serving Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area, so they have the skills and experience to deliver your project on time and on budget.

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