Features of Modern Architecture Houses

Although many neighborhoods feature cookie-cutter homes that all look exactly the same, there are many architects and home builders who are striving to create unique homes that are beautiful but functional. The everyday lives of American have changed so much that homes that were once useful no longer fit into our busy lives. Modern architecture houses offer a more functional design that saves energy and expenses. Learn more about the many features they offer.

Modern architecture houses have simple proportions and clean lines. This is because we have become accustomed to simplicity and convenience. Many homeowners don?t want to be bothered with intricate details and design. These modern homes feature open floor plans with a minimum number of walls and lots of windows to let in more natural light. Glass and steel are popular building materials. The architecture is angled or straight rather than carved or curved. Roofs are flat or shallow-pitched.

With modern architecture homes, the interior and exterior become joined. The features of the land become part of the home. Large windows help connect the inside of the home to the outside. These homes have a seamless indoor-outdoor flow from the living room to the deck or patio space. A great example of a home design being incorporated into an outdoor space is Frank Lloyd Wright?s famous home, Fallingwater.

The modern design is taken from homes built in the 1940s and 1950s. The Case Study House program in California in the mid-1900s was an example of the types of designs that modern home builders are trying to recreate. Frank Lloyd Wright?s creations are also an inspiration to home builders who are attempting to woo a new breed of homeowners who desire sustainable living and unique homes. In addition, with many homeowners looking to power their homes with an alternative energy source, these homes offer an abundance of windows and natural light to help accomplish that goal.

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