Factors to Consider before Seeking Carpet Installation Services in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Flooring

Carpeting has been part of American homes since the late 1700s according to historical accounts. Back in the early days, options were limited to wool fiber in a handful of colors and patterns. The industry has certainly changed over the decades, giving rise to a wide range of materials, styles and hues. If you’re looking for Carpet Installation Services Colorado Springs CO, keep a few key points in mind throughout the process.

Different Types of Fibers

Wool is still available as it has been from the beginning although various grades are now offered. High-quality varieties are more expensive but also less vulnerable to stains. Low-grade options have been developed as well. They’re less costly and stain resistant than their counterparts. Polypropylene is soft but tends to hold onto dirt and doesn’t hold up to wear and tear quite like other options. Nylon is a soft, durable and affordable alternative whereas polyester withstands the test of time but doesn’t work well in high-traffic areas.

Various Styles of Carpeting

Carpet comes in numerous styles ranging from high pile to very low, all of which are made by looping strands of fiber through a sturdy mesh backing. With Berber carpeting, those loops are left intact to create a soft, appealing appearance. That being said, it’s extremely vulnerable to snags. In cut pile carpets, the loops are trimmed away, leaving upright strands of fiber. They’re easier to clean and less susceptible to damage than Berbers. Trackless carpeting features shorter pile, so it doesn’t flatten under heavy traffic. Saxony offers soft, luxurious pile but holds stains and shows wear easily.

Colors and Patterns

Countless colors are now on the market ranging from pure white to black and every imaginable hue of the rainbow. White, beige and lighter neutral colors match virtually everything but are notorious for showing dirt and stains. Black doesn’t show most stains easily; however, pet hair is often easily visible on this color. While more vibrant shades can be chosen to match furniture and interior decor, Carpet Installation Services Colorado Springs CO may be necessary every time your color scheme changes with these options.

Though each style, color and fiber composition has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, carpeting is essentially a matter of style and preference. With care and caution, even the most vulnerable alternatives can last for years. Contact Carpet Clearance Warehouse to learn more about the available options and their individual advantages. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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