Essential Tips For Roof Repair

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Roofing

Sooner or later the roof on every home will need attention. Roof repair is often needed to solve a leak and stop the structure from becoming damaged. A well made roof can and usually does last for many years when the job it does is taken into account. Although roof repair is a must it can be very costly, a project loaded with a number of choices that have the potential of impacting the structural integrity of the house. Roofers in Lisle IL are well suited to guide you, ensuring that you make the right choices.

Repair or replace?

This is always the question; is it time to replace the roof or will repairs suffice? A roof which has been maintained well can comfortably last for 20 years or more. Once a roof exceeds this point you can expect to see signs of deterioration; shingles will be broken and loose, there may be moss or algae growing on the surface which is an indication of moisture in the attic.

It may be possible for roofers in Lisle IL to make spot repairs if the biggest percentage of the roof is in otherwise good condition, if not there are a couple of strategies that you can consider.

One of the strategies is a completely new roof, this allows for the use of the latest materials as well as a secure seal. The other strategy to employ is a second layer on top of the old roofing. It is important to understand that this approach is only viable if the roof is in reasonably good condition and is only one layer thick.

When you opt for a second layer you will not get the same life expectancy that you will if you were to put on a completely new roof. This is due to the heat which is in the original layer; this tends to dry out the new layer somewhat faster. In many cases the choice between a completely new roof and a second layer has a lot to do with how long you plan on living in the house. If you plan to stay in the house indefinitely then the better solution is a completely new roof.

Select the contractor with care:

Regardless of the approach you want to take you are looking at a significant expense. Roofing is a skill which is acquired after many years of experience. When you choose the roofers in Lisle IL take particular care that you select roofers which are experienced and qualified.

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