Engineered Stone Countertops Services in Melbourne, FL: A Great Option

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Home Improvement

If you’ve thought about stone for your kitchen and bathroom work surfaces but aren’t sure which material is best for your purposes, you might want to consider using the engineered stone countertops services of a leading provider near you. If you’ve heard someone mention “quartz” in reference to their countertops, this is probably what they’re talking about.

The Difference

When you visit to learn more about materials for your kitchen or bathroom counter surfaces, take some time to look closely at engineered stone, which is made from quartz crystals combined with resin binder. The finished product looks very much the same as natural stone but adds some benefits that you don’t get with natural granite or marble, for example.

Work with the specialists in engineered stone countertops services in Melbourne, FL and you’ll have options in color and texture that are very similar to natural slate or granite. You’ll find that the color is more uniform than natural stone in some cases, which can help you match your countertops to the rest of the room design. This product is also available in an array of colors including rose, gray, and many other earth tones.

Yes, It’s Durable

Property owners who choose engineered stone countertops services find that the material finish is almost as hard as granite. But they also discover that the engineered stone doesn’t crack as easily as natural slate or granite. The surface will deliver great heat resistance and will be resistant to scratches and other marks. You can preserve the look of your countertops by using a cutting board for added protection.

The surfaces won’t stain because they’re made to stand up in kitchen and bathroom use. Cleaning will be rather easy, in fact, because engineered products are not porous. They won’t absorb liquids so your cleanup and maintenance is very easy. Talk to the experts today about this remarkable alternative.

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