Electronic Toilet Seat Replacements

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Home And Garden

For many years, in many parts of the world, a bidet has been a standard fixture in the bathroom. The bidet is used to clean the genitals and anal region. A standard bidet somewhat resembles a low sink inasmuch as it has a water outlet nozzle and taps which are used to control water temperature. The difference between a bidet and a sink is the direction of the nozzle, in a bidet the nozzle points up.Instead of having two fixtures, a toilet and a bidet it is now possible to replace a conventional toilet seat with an electronic toilet seat that performs the same function as a bidet.

There are many people who prefer to use a bidet rather than toilet paper and a traditional toilet seat. Some people who use the bidet even enhance their cleanliness by washing their genital area with soap and then rinse in the bidet. A bidet is thought to be beneficial in preventing urological issues with frequent washings. A bidet is also a soothing sensation and can be used by those suffering from painful hemorrhoids. The use of a bidet can also eliminate the irritation that often occurs when using inexpensive toilet paper which tends to be rough.

The new electronic toilet seats that are available either replace the conventional seat or sit on top of it. These units have controls built into them that are mounted on the side of the seat; the controls are used to direct the sprayers. The standard electronic toilet seat is connected only to the cold water supply but the more sophisticated models are also connected to the warm water line so the spray temperature can be adjusted to suit the user.

As these electronic bidets or electronic replacements for conventional toilet seats become more popular, the manufacturers are adding more and more features. They can be had now with nozzles that rotate so that the area cleansed is larger, some are even complete with a blow dryer so the entire operation is hands free, there is no need for a towel. For use in the winter months, they can even be heated for comfort.

The drawback to this style of electronic toilet seat is the cost; there are products that provide a sanitary environment at far less money.

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