Effective Ways to Protect a Residential Gutter System in North Carolina

A gutter system defends a roof during rainstorms, so you must protect it. If you don’t have a protection plan, rise up and learn the fundamentals of gutter maintenance.

Strategy One – Clean the Gutters Regularly You should clean your gutters every other month.

To get started, you’ll need

• A sturdy ladder

• A gutter trowel

• Comfortable work boots

• A long, powerful hose

The Cleaning Process

Place the ladder against your home. Then, grab the gutter trowel, and ascend up the ladder to the gutters. Next, clean the gutters with the gutter trowel. When the pathways are spotless, flush out the system with the hose.

Strategy Two – Check the Downspouts for Clogs

When water falls into a gutter system, it moves through the pathways, and it shoots out of the downspouts. When a gutter is clogged, the water will back up, and it will flow over the edge of the gutters.

The Solution for Clogs

If your gutter has a basic clog, you can unclog it with water. For stubborn clogs, you’ll need a long hose with a pressure nozzle.

Strategy Four – Install Gutter Guard

The best offense is a good defense. This is why gutters guards exist. A gutter guard is a device that keeps debris out of a gutter.

Gutter Guard Installation

There are two gutter guard installation methods. You can install a guard over a gutter or inside of a gutter.

Get a Helping Hand

If gutter maintenance seems overwhelming, you can use a gutter cleaning service in North Carolina. To get started, contact Homecraft Gutter Protection, and set up an appointment for gutter cleaning services in North Carolina. For more information follow them on Facebook.

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