Double Glazed Window Repair

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Windows Installer

The majority of modern homes have double glazed windows. The glazing is actually two panes of glass that are kept separated by an aluminum spacer; the void is hermetically sealed and filled with an inert gas. The result is a highly efficient insulated window unit.

The glass assembly is installed in a window frame which can be single or double hung, sliding or whatever style of window best suited for your situation. The entire assembly; double glazed window unit and frame minimize heat transfer  between the outside and the interior of your home, the result is a warmer home in winter and a cooler home in summer.

When might you need glass repair?

In the event the glass panes are broken then it goes without saying that you will have to arrange for a company that does window repair in Chicago to replace the unit. There are also times when the unit has to be replaced, but it can be difficult to determine the need. The key issue is the appearance of condensation between the two panes of glass. The appearance of condensation is an indication that the seal has been damaged and the air is getting into space. When you see this the window is no longer functioning as it should, and you need to call for glass repair in Chicago.

Does the unit have to be replaced?

As the insulated unit is totally self-contained, units that have failed can be easily replaced. In the event of a seal failure it is far more viable to simply replace the unit rather than try to eliminate the condensation; once the seal is broken, it cannot be repaired.

You will know when you have to replace the sealed unit, not only will there be evidence of condensation between the panes you will feel a draft and the interior of the home will not be as quiet as it was.

Insulated glass replacement modules are readily available, but they should be installed by technicians that are skilled in glass repair in Chicago.

If a window, mirror, shower door is broken, then it is important that you call for technicians that are highly skilled in glass repair in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. You are invited to contact Lakeview Glass Inc. for same day service.

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