Don’t Get Bitten! The Importance of Mosquito Control

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Pest Control

I’m sure they have some relevance to our local ecosystems, perhaps as food sources for larger, more benign insects. But to me, mosquitos are the biggest pest on the planet. They spread diseases, and deadly ones too, like Zika. Even when they are not carriers of a disease, mosquitos like to harass us and of course, bite us. I have had many sleepless nights during the summer, when a mosquito snuck into my house and buzzed in my ear. I used to think mosquito control was only something done on a commercial level, until a friend told me about Viking Pest Control in Maryland, where summer mosquitos are a serious issue for us. Since then, I have considered mosquito control almost like a duty to my friends, family, and neighborhood. If I keep mosquitos out of my yard, I contribute to the eradication of the pest on my entire block.

In Maryland, mosquito control becomes especially important come springtime. Our guard is down, after the pests lay dormant during the cooler months only to emerge with a vengeance as soon as their new batch of eggs hatch and the females come hunting for human blood like vampires. While you can kill a vampire with a wooden stake through the chest, you can’t quite do the same for mosquitos. You need a more scientific, proven method of mosquito control, one that is sure to get the job done.

Viking Pest Control offers mosquito prevention and control services in Maryland. They can come to your home or business, and show you how to prevent mosquitos from returning by teaching you about minimizing stagnant water or altering the design of your landscape just enough so that those tiny terrors cannot bother you anymore. Mosquito control helps you live your summer in peace.

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