Does Your Business Employ Its Own Cleaners?

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Cleaning

Most businesses have a regular place of work regardless of the nature of the business and its physical location. You could even say that someone who works entirely alone using the internet has a fixed workplace – even if it is located at home.

Dirt, Dust, Grime And Scrap paper, Etc

One way or another, any sort of work place is likely to become progressively dirtier and less and less tidy. There will be dust blown in from the street, coffee often gets spilt, waste paper baskets do not empty themselves, etc. These and much more will all need to be dealt with on a regular basis. If the premises have windows, how often should they be cleaned? The list easily grows and quite a few people can be required to keep it in check – even for relatively small premises. Bearing in mind the true cost of employing anyone, do you really want a cleaner on your payroll let alone a group of them? Some people put the true cost of employing at around +20% of the wages you pay.

Have You Considered Office Cleaning Services In San Jose?

This will certainly take the cost of employing cleaners out of your responsibilities and it is quite possible that the fees you will pay to the service provider could be less than what you would have to pay if you employed cleaners directly. In addition, cleaning staff are not well known for their job loyalty and, by sub-contracting the function you will not get bogged down in recruitment issues. Find a service that suits your requirements – the better ones will visit your business and discuss this with you in order to work out a customized plan tailored to the real needs of your business.

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