Do It Yourself Cabinet Refacing Is Easy

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Home And Garden

DIY cabinet refacing is not difficult at all and the reward for undertaking the project is a kitchen that looks like a million bucks but sure didn?t cost it. In most instances kitchen cabinets look old and tacky because of the doors and the outer surfaces, there really is no good reason to take them out and replace them unless you are changing the entire layout of the existing kitchen.

When you actually look at a cabinet, whether it is the upper or lower, there is not a great deal of it visible. Once the doors have been removed and the drawers pulled out, all that is left are the end panels and the vertical and horizontal trim (stiles) that surrounds the cabinet case.

Don?t be afraid to tackle DIY cabinet refacing. With simple tools and basic skills you will be extremely pleased with your weekend?s work. Start the entire process by cleaning everything out of the cupboards and drawers and then remove the doors and hinges from the case. Remove the drawers completely.

At this stage you can fill any nicks or depressions in the visible area that you are going to reface. Once the wood filler has dried, give the entire cabinet a light sanding . Clean the sanding dust up with a tack cloth and wipe the surfaces with water. There are three surfaces that you will deal with, the exposed ends of the cabinets, the face and the vertical and horizontal strips that surround the door and drawer openings.

Reface the ends first. Cut the veneered end panel that you have selected to size (unless you ordered it already cut to size) and apply a liberal dose of carpenters glue to the back. Align the face and nail it on using small finishing nails. The exposed edge is to be sanded flush with the vertical stile. The next job is to affix the veneer to the stile which is the vertical cabinet member. Cut the veneer accurately with scissors. Peel off the backing and stick it to the vertical members. Any trimwork can be done later. Now cut the veneer for the rails, these are the horizontal members. Affix the veneer, overlapping the stile just a little. Now all the edges can be finished with a utility knife.

Believe it or not your DIY cabinet refacing project is almost done. Hang the new doors and install the drawer fronts and hardware and you are finished.

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