Different Ways to Provide Your Own Shade

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Home And Garden

Trees are probably still the favorite form of shade; there is something magical about sitting under a tree and contemplating life. Unfortunately not everyone has access to a big elm or oak tree in their yard so they have to manufacture their own shade. Canopy Mart has many answers to this, from the simplest of tarpaulins to the most complex party tents, but all of them act as a shade canopy.

A simple tarpaulin can provide shade easily, maybe not as elegantly as other methods but everything depends on the circumstances. If you are working in the garden on a blistering hot day, stringing a couple of ropes and hanging a tarp over it will do the trick, this is true if you’re a camper. A rope tied between two trees is a simple ridge pole for an instant cover, providing protection from the elements.

Taking this one step further, the same tarp can be used on a free standing structure, usually light weight aluminum. This stand alone shade canopy can also provide protection for material around the farm or even be used as a carport. One of the nice things is that these simple structures are so useful, sure, they provide shade and cover but there are more things than just people that need protection.

There is a limit on everything, but tarpaulins can be had up to a size large enough to cover a sports field. Outdoor canopies from Canopy Mart are available up to 4,500 square feet and as small as 100.

A very elegant method of providing shade and protection from the elements is a StarShade canopy tent. This design is not your average cover which tends to be flat roofed or a simple slope. The StarShade is a shelter which consists of a center pole and a shaped cover which anchors directly to the ground. This clever design looks like a star once it’s erected and allows plenty of space inside, plus it’s accessible from all four sides and because it’s tied down there is added tension in the cover to prevent any sagging.

So, whether you are setting up temporary protection while you work in the garden or erecting a large shade canopy to provide cover for guests at a party, Canopy Mart has you covered.

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