Decorating With Window Treatments In Greenwich

Decorating is the best way to spice up a new home. It also gives homeowners an opportunity to showcase their personal style. Windows require special attention because usually there are lots of them. Most people cover them for security and visual appeal. Indeed, most homes have several styles of windows from the kitchen to the living room. Living room windows tend to be longer and wider while kitchen windows are smaller. A cornice is a perfect fit for the kitchen. Cornice boards are wooden valances made from plywood. Generally, they are cut in a pattern and covered with fabric.

If you are shopping for Window Treatments in Greenwich, try Dominic’s Decorating. They have years of experience making homes look welcoming. People who find it difficult dealing with hardware like tab-top curtains. These curtains are simple and work in any room. They hook onto a decorative rod with pieces of material rather than rings and hooks. One can really show them off by selecting interesting fabric. On the other hand, try the traditional look of shades. Balloon shades are poufy and show off fabrics well. Additionally, they are designed to look like valances. valances. Some people stuff the billowy fabric with tissue paper to make it stand up. These shades look great on bay windows.

Some of the best Window Treatments in Greenwich are roman shades. When closed, a roman shade looks like a flat piece of cloth. To soften the look, some decorators use swags or a valance. Many people opt for formal drapes in living rooms and dining rooms. Drapes are usually made of heavier material and should be dry cleaned. Drapes are easily complemented by an interesting drape tie-back. They feature colorful stones and other decorative objects. Pleated drapes are a standard among Window Treatments in Greenwich. One can have single, double or triple pleats that are spaced equal distance apart. Usually, they are pinched in the middle. Goblet pleats are similar to triple pleats except something stiff goes in the pinch to make a unique shape. Consult with a decorator to select the perfect fabrics and designs for your window treatments. Visit website for more information.

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