Deciding Between Roof Repairs and Roof Replacement in Lawrence, KS, Requires Professional Guidance

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Roofing

The roofs on homes withstand a large amount of damage and abuse over the years, especially in environments that experience extreme weather. When determining whether or not a roof needs to be replaced, homeowners should consult with licensed roofing professionals. It is hard for inexperienced people to know if the damage is significant or possible to repair, and any problems with a roof can cause damage in the house below. Quality roofing companies like Alpha Roofing will assess an existing roof and make recommendations to the homeowner for the best way to ensure a strong roof overhead.

Usually, Roof Replacement in Lawrence KS should occur every ten to twenty years although the exact lifespan of a roof depends on different factors. Significant damage can occur from major natural occurrences like hurricanes or tornadoes, or constant wet, hot or windy weather can cause damage to the roof over time. Some damage to roofs may be fixable, but some issues will compromise the safety of the entire roof. Small problem areas are often inexpensive and simple to fix, and they don’t require much labor. However, major roof repairs often cost more than replacing the roof entirely. This is not always the true, and it is usually only the case when the entire roof is in poor shape. While roof replacements are not cheap, they are the best way to feel confident that the rest of the home is protected when an existing roof sustains major damage.

Homeowners should make sure to choose a reputable roofer to avoid problems. Some disreputable roofers may tell clients that their roof needs more repair than is true, or they may suggest a roof replacement when simple repairs were possible. It is important to read online reviews and get references to avoid being taken advantage of when choosing a roofer. Also, if the roofer is inexperienced or poor-quality and doesn’t do the work correctly, the home may become damaged inside.

When a roof becomes damaged for any reason, homeowners should fine a high-quality roofer for help. Some roof damage can be fixed, but in some situations, Roof Replacement in Lawrence KS will be needed. For the best results, all roof work should be done professionally.

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