Critical Steps for Mice Control in and around Your Home

by | May 4, 2018 | Pest Control

Mice – they’re small and cute, but they can also be dangerous. They invade your New York home, leaving droppings and urine behind that can spread disease. They chew into food packages, spoiling your supplies, and they can also chew on wiring within the walls, creating fire hazards. Mice control is a vital consideration for any homeowner, and you’ll need to take a few specific steps.

Block the Path In

Perhaps the single most important step for you to take is to block the paths that mice can take into your home. The challenge is that mice can slip in through smaller cracks and crevices than you might think. All they need is a quarter-inch of space, and they’re able to get in. Check walls, but also make sure to check around pipes and vents, including your dryer vent. Foundation cracks may also allow mice to enter your home. You’ll need to block each hole with steel wool – don’t use material mice can easily chew through, such as plastic or rubber.


Whether you choose to use no-kill traps, or old-fashioned spring traps, this is one of the most effective mice control options out there. It also does not carry with it the same dangers to your family and other pets that poisons do. You’ll need to choose the right bait for your traps – chocolate, bacon and fruit are all good choices. You’ll also need to position your traps in the areas where you see mouse activity. They don’t travel more than about 20 feet from their nests, so a trap against the wall here can yield good results.

Outside the Home

Mice enter the home from the outside, and if you take care of your yard they’ll have a harder time reaching the house. Remove any tall standing grass from near your home. You also need to clear away piled items, such as wood piles, piles of boxes, old tires and the like. These are perfect havens for mice, and allow them to inch closer to your home.

It’s very difficult to enforce mice control once they have established themselves in your home. If you’re struggling to eradicate these pests from your home, call in the experts. Get in touch with Viking Pest Control by calling us at 888-481-8219 to schedule an assessment and inspection.

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