Considering Different Options For Garage Flooring

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Flooring

The idea of sticking with the concrete flooring in the garage holds no appeal at all. Instead, the homeowner likes the idea of investing in some type of Garage Flooring that will make the space more functional. There are a number of flooring options to consider. Here are some examples that are worth evaluating before making a decision.


One option for Garage Flooring is to purchase tiles that are snapped together as they are put in position. The tiles come in a wide range of colors, making it possible for them to add some visual appeal to the space as well as protect the floor. The materials used for these tiles is often non-porous. This makes it easier to clean up any fluid leaks from the family car and keep the floor looking nice.


Another idea that is worth considering is a pad. Pads can be cut to fit the dimensions of the garage floor. Many pad designs include non-skid backing that helps to ensure it will stay in place. Once the pad is unrolled across the expanse, walking across it a few times will ensure it adheres to the concrete. As with the tiles, it is possible to purchase a pad in just about any color the homeowner desires.


There are several coatings that can be applied directly to the floor and provide a reasonable amount of protection. Epoxy coatings for garage floors are among the most popular options. The coating helps to prevent cracking, staining, and other issues that are common with garage floors. Best of all, the coating does not take long to apply, dries quickly, and will last for several years before the product needs to be applied again.

For any homeowner who is interested in adding some type of flooring to the garage, talk with a representative from Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation today. Discuss the reasons for wanting some type of protection for the concrete floor, and provide information about how the garage space is used. Providing more details will allow the representative to identify solutions that meet the needs of the client, up to and including the expense.

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