Considering Different Ideas for Residential Design Brick Paving

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Landscaping

The landscaping is coming along nicely, but something is missing. All of a sudden, the homeowner knows exactly what new element needs to be added. The front and back yards need some paved walkways. Here are some ideas for utilizing Design Brick Paving to best effect.

Selecting a Color

The nice thing about going with Design Brick Paving is that the walkways can be any color the homeowner wants. The bricks used can match the bricks found on the exterior of the home, or they can be a color that blends in well with the rest of the landscape design. For example, perhaps a pale yellow or beige brick would provide just the right touch. Many suppliers will have several colors to consider, allowing the homeowner to go with something that is already in stock or have the bricks custom made for the project.

The Shape

Who says a brick has to be rectangular in order to work? Depending on the design for the walkway, the homeowner may want to go with square bricks or even some other shape. As long as the bricks can be joined together to make an interesting pattern for the pathway, it is possible to use just about any shape or size that the homeowner desires.

Where Should the Paths Lead?

Along with the basic design of the brick paving, it also helps to determine how the paths run through the landscape. Certainly the paths should lead back to the house, but they can also provide a way to get to storage houses, the garage, and even to a pergola or gazebo with ease. Once in place, those brick paths can be flanked with decorative grasses or flowers in order to add another element to the space. If preferred, the homeowner can decide to allow the paths to gracefully wind through the property without any additional ornamentation.

For more ideas on how to put brick paving to good use, Visit our website today. After a look at the grounds, it will be easy to come up with a plan and choose the right bricks for the project. You can like them on Google+.

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